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Auto Insurance Requirements with Zeus Financial

In accordance with the “Contract” you signed when you purchased your vehicle from “Discovery Auto Sales LLC.” you agreed to provide Property Insurance to Zeus Financial/Lien Holder to protect the vehicle with the following requirements.

Insurance Requirements

  • Comprehensive and Collision coverage (full coverage) with a maximum Deductible of $500.00 
  • The borrower must provide a copy of the Declaration Page to Lienholder to avoid being forced placed on Collateral Protection Insurance
  • The Borrower and Co-Borrower must be listed on the policy
  • No Excluded Drivers are acceptable
  • No “ Named Driver Only Policies” are acceptable
  • The policy must provide CURRENT coverage
  • The effective date of the policy has to match the dates of the purchase
  • The Lien Holder’s Name must appear on the Declaration Page as: Zeus Financial P.O. Box 200607, Austin, Texas 78720
  • In accordance with the Retail Installment Contract your failure to provide the necessary coverages may cause the Lender to purchase Collateral Protection Insurance to protect the vehicle. You will be responsible for paying the premium for this Insurance with each car payment.

We NO longer accept the following Insurance Companies:

Fred Loya – ACCC Insurance Company – United Automobile Insurance Services (UAIS) – Jubilee General Agency

You can send the proof of Insurance or Declaration Page via E-mail to: insurancecenter@zeusfinancialservices.com

or to: customerservice@zeusfinancialservices.com